Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tribute to miss Lovett

the blue clouds
they speel out ur name
the darkest nite,
u shine in them
i love u and i cant imagine,
if u're not here wit me....

it's early days but i know for sure
dat whut i feel is real sincere
lets make this,
the best time of our lifes
be my better half

i'll give u my world
i'll treat u nice
coz for my luv,
i'll sacrifice
anything i could
everything i would

my luv......
u're evethin i could ask for
ur smile makes me happy
ur tears make me sad....
and i know for sure
diz is the best feelin i ever had

ur luv....
brighten my dimmest light
make my heart beat faster then before
as days pass i'm gonna luv u more...


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