Thursday, December 10, 2009

mAK engKau!!!!!!!!

Aku tau kenapa engkau tidak sambut Hari Kekasih. Engkau jelaskan bahawa ia berasal dari keraian Kristian terhadap St. Valentine. Kau tidak mahu ikut orang kafir.

Untuk infotainmen engkau, Hari Ibu juga berasal dari festival orang kafir. Greek Kuno meraikan Cybele, ibu kepada dewa-dewa dan Roman Kuno pula meraikan dewa Juno, mak kepada Juventas, Mars dan Vulcan (Bukan kelab bola sepak, jenama cokelat atau sejenis motorsikal).

Nah! Kenapa engkau sambut HARI IBU????

Saturday, November 28, 2009

theatre..... ???


i'm so damn in luv wit diz freakin movies......

i gues i juz luv musical theatre juz now. haha...

checked the no. 18 song in diz movies (by the see). it was so damn kool mate!!!!!

Lyrics :

MRS. LOVETT: (kisses Todd)
Ooh, Mr. Todd! (kiss)
I'm so happy! (kiss)
I could (kiss)
Eat you up, I really could!
You know what I'd like to do, Mr. Todd? (kiss)
What I dream (kiss)
If the business stays as good?
Where I'd really like to go?
In a year or so?
Don't you want to know?

TODD: (spoken)
Of course.

Do you really want to know?

TODD: (spoken)
Yes. I do.

By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's the life I covet,
By the sea, Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you'd love it!
You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone
In a house what we'd almost own,
Down by the sea!

Anything you say

Wouldn't that be smashing?

Think how snug it'll be underneath our flannel
When it's just you and me and the English Channel!
In our cozy retreat kept all neat and tidy,
We'll have chums over ev'ry Friday!
By the sea!
Don'tcha love the weather?
By the sea!
We'll grow old together!
By the seaside,
By the beautiful sea!

It'll be so quiet,
That who'll come by it,
Except a seagull
Hoo, hoo!
We shouldn't try it,
Though, 'til it's legal for two-hoo!
But a seaside wedding could be devised,
Me rumpled bedding legitimized!
Me eyelids'll flutter,
I'll turn into butter,
The moment I mutter I do-hoo!

Down by the sea,
Married nice and proper
By the sea
Bring along your chopper
To the seaside hoo hoo!
By the beautiful sea!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


> > An old Italian Mafia Don is dying and he calls his
> > grandson
> > to his bed.
> >
> >
> >
> > "Lissin-a me. I wanna for you to taka my chrome
> > plated
> > 38 revolver so you will always remember me."
> >
> >
> >
> > "But grandpa, I really don't lika guns.
> >
> >
> > Howzabout you leava me your Rolex watch instead?"
> >
> >
> >
> > "Shuddup an lissin. Somma day you gonna runna da
> > gonna have a beautifula wife, lotsa money,
> > a biga home and maybe a couple a bambinos."
> >
> > "Somma day you gonna comma home and maybe find you
> > wife inna bed with another man. Whadda you gonna do
> > then....... pointa to you watch and say "Times
> > up"?"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Curse of A froZen touCh

luv tragic.....

There is love in the deepest darkness,
There is passion in every soul,
There is a destiny,for every one,
Every angel has to find someone,
To love and to care for,
And we can dream, we can dream,
But one day, our most loved dream, will come true,
And we shall embrace it with our hearts,
We will take hold,and pray it will last forever,
And if our faith, our love is strong enough,
We shall be in heaven, for eternity,
And all our problems,sorrows and fears,
Will fade away,
And we will be entwine,

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are highly detailed firearm replicas manufactured for recreational purposes. Airsoft guns propel non-metallic 6mm pellets at muzzle velocities ranging from 30 to 260 m/s (100 to 850 ft/s) by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. Depending on the mechanism driving the pellet, an airsoft gun can be operated manually or cycled by either compressed gas such as Green Gas (propane), or CO2, a spring, or an electric motor.


In 1980s Japan it was illegal to own a firearm, but there was a large interest in them. Because of this interest, manufacturers started to produce realistic looking spring-powered guns. These guns fired several calibers of plastic or rubber BBs, but were eventually standardized into 6 mm and 8 mm sizes. The early spring powered weapons then morphed into gas powered ones, using a variety of systems. The hobby then migrated to North America in the mid 1990s. Then low powered spring guns transformed into Classic airsoft. About ten years after this time, Japan hit a recession just as AEGs, or automatic electric guns, hit the market. Many old manufacturers were lost, leaving Tokyo Marui, inventor of the AEG, as the primary manufacturer. Marui then invented an improved Hop up system, further improving the accuracy and range of the weapons. In the early 2000s, Classic Army of Hong Kong entered the scene and gradually improved its quality of guns until it now rivals Tokyo Marui. A few years later countless Chinese brands flooded [2] the market with cheap entry level weapons. For an airsoft gun to be legally imported into the United States, or commercially sold in the United States, it must have a blaze orange (ASTM 875 or brighter) tip.

Types of airsoft guns

Spring powered

Spring-powered airsoft guns are single-shot devices that use elastic potential energy(EPE) stored in a spring to compress air to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun. The user must cock a spring gun prior to each shot. This is typically achieved by pulling back the slide (pistols), bolt (rifles), or the grip on a shotgun, which in turn compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire. Because of this, these guns are by definition incapable of automatic or semi-automatic fire. Spring powered airsoft guns are generally not as powerful as gas and electric models, although some spring shotguns and sniper rifles can be very powerful and shoot at velocities of over 500 FPS. These are hard to find and expensive, and don't usually last long because of the tension created by a powerful spring.

While most electric guns also use springs for propulsion of the airsoft pellet, they are not considered to be in the same category as the single-shot spring-powered guns. Low-end spring guns tend to be much cheaper than their electric-powered equivalents due to their simplicity and lack of electrical components (spring assembly, electric motor, battery, and battery charger) and thus are widely available. These guns are less suited for competition because they are at a disadvantage against automatic guns in close combat and do not provide enough accuracy and power for long-range use. There are some exceptions, however, as higher-end spring-powered airsoft rifles can be quite expensive; these guns are typically suited for "marksman" applications in airsoft matches and provide competitive muzzle velocities. Additionally, pump shotguns are sometimes used, especially in CQB (Close Quarters Battle). In colder weather, spring pistols are more reliable than gas-powered pistols and even the batteries on AEPs (Automatic Electric Pistols) both of which can be adversely affected by extreme cold. Although, in extreme weather, some players buy custom cold protection for their AEGs, but, this is very rare.

This represents one of the major advantages of spring powered airsoft gun, as it can be fired in any situation, without reliance on an external source of power, such as batteries or gas. The lack of reliance on external power sources causes some players to favor spring powered guns. Spring guns are also less susceptible to the effects of water, where a battery-powered gun could malfunction when wet.

Spring powered weapons are often cheaper than electric or gas powered weapons. They are also more readily available in most department stores. Because of their price and availability, spring guns tend to act as "training guns" to bring new players to airsoft games and are considered the primary weapon of "backyard skirmishes." Almost all airsoft players at some point owned a spring weapon, whether for its actual use in the sport or for the replica value since some airsoft weapons are only available as spring versions.

Automatic electric guns

Electric-powered airsoft guns typically use a rechargeable battery to drive an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "automatic electric guns" or AEGs. These guns often attain muzzle velocities between 150 and 500 ft/s (60 to 150 m/s) and rates of fire of between 100 and 3000 rounds per minute. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun.

These type of guns were developed in Japan and the Japanese company Tokyo Marui dominates the market. In a Tokyo Marui AEG, the motor drives a series of 3 gears mounted inside a gearbox. The gears then compress a piston assembly against a spring. Once the piston is released, the spring drives it forward through the cylinder to push a pellet into the chamber, through the barrel, and forward from the muzzle. Many manufacturers have now more or less replicated this basic model, adding reinforced parts or minor improvements. These guns are powered primarily by nickel cadmium (NiCd) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) with varying voltages and milliampere hours ratings. The most common battery is an 8.4 V large battery (usually about 2400 mA•h.) Also available are 8.4 V "mini" batteries, which generally have 900-1700 mA•h capacities. Voltages for large batteries range from 7.2 V, all the way up to 12 V. The rule of thumb usually is the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts while the higher voltage, the higher Rate of Fire (RoF). Now, however, Lithium-Polymer, or Li-po, batteries are just coming into the airsoft world. These batteries can last longer and have higher mAh and Volts while at the same time, being small and light. Li-po batteries are usually at 11.1 V and at varying mAh from 500 mAh to 2400 mAh.

External modifications, such as metal bodies and reinforced plastics that make AEGs look and feel even more realistic, have become very popular. AEG manufacturers such as Classic Army and Tokyo Marui produce replicas that are visually nearly identical to their real counterparts. Tokyo Marui, however, sticks with a durable ABS plastic, whereas Classic Army features full metal bodied guns and stronger furnishings. Most AEGs produced as of late are designed to be as visually realistic as possible.

The two most common AEGs fielded by players are the AR-15 series (M16 rifle, M4 carbine, etc.; sometimes referred to as the Armalite or Colt series) and the Heckler & Koch MP5 series, because parts for repairs or modifications/customization are commonly available. Also popular are the AK or Kalashnikov, the Heckler & Koch G36 and more recently, the Springfield M14.

Theatre of Tragedy - Lorelei

Lyrics to Lorelei :
[Words by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy]

Ferie dearest, was it loe soothfast or a façade;
A serenade siren'd to lure - Zounds! not to court me?
A menad, yet the sweetest colleen -
Certes didst thou me unveil meekly life pristine.

A poet of tragedies, scribe I lauds to Death,
Yet who the hell was I to dare?
Canst thou not see thou to me needful art?
Canst thou not see the loss of loe painful is?

Dedally didst thou perform the tragic pasquinade,
For all years a damndest and driegh'd accolade -
Caus'd for all eyes mazed to behold a mêlee;
In the midst did I swainly cast thee my bouquet:
The one and sole faggot that feedeth the fire,
Bellow'd bidingly by my heart's quailing quire.

A poet of tragedies, scribe I lauds to Death,
Yet who the hell was I to dare?
Canst thou not see thou to me needful art?
Canst thou not see the loss of loe painful is?

Perchance author I thee this ikon'd apologue for aught,
Doth the wecht burthen thee?, then bethink thine afterthought:
'Tween Aether and 'Nether art thou the peerless phoenix -
Prithee, darlingmost! - court me rather than the peevish prolix.

A Distance There Is by Theatre of Tragedy

Come in out of the rain thou sayest - but thou ne'er step'st aside;
And I am trapp'd, I'm trapp'd
A distance there is...
None, save me and the bodkin - pitter-patter on the roof:
Behold! - 'tis not the rain; thence me it has to be -
I will not drink thy vintage wine, my dear;
Thou hast heed'd that I am of innocence, yet thou let'st thy lass into peril
Thou let'st me be parched;

My heart , My heart , My heart ,
My heart , My heart , My heart ,
My heart is of frailty, my pale skin is hued damask.
When thou thy tears hast hidden, "Come back!", thou sayest -
There I soon am to be - but how am I to run when my bones, my heart!
Thou hast me bereft! -
But run thou sayest; I run , I run ,I run ,
I run ,I run ,I run ,
I run ,I run ,I run ,
I run ,I run ,I run ,
I run ,I run ,I run ,

And there and then I behold that a time will come when I again dead will be.
Thou tell'st me to leave without delay -
I leave
I leave
I leave...
I leave with my bodkin and my tears in my hands;
Lo! - the shadows, the sky - descending;
So by a dint of smite I gait ere I run and melt together with dusk.

In my mind in which is this event,
But it seems as if naught is to change anyway?!

After all these years thou left'st me down in the emotional depths -
The sombre soaked velvet-drape is hung upon me,
Turning my feelings ,Turning my feelings away from our so ignorant world:
All the beautiful moments shared, deliberately push'd aside -
After all these years thou left'st me down in the emotional depths -
The sombre soaked velvet-drape is hung upon me,
Turning my feelings away from our so ignorant world:
All the beautiful moments shared, deliberately push'd aside -
A distance there is...
A distance there is...