Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Sacred Lilium"

When the beauties speak what she has been through...
Thou may don't have a guts to hear them..
A path that she choose may the devil
......and the devil hath power......
sedition that cannot be refuse..
thus love that have been abuse..
and the beauty will be loose..

the beauty may kill the beast..
Curse of the love at least...

Classical antiquity

High on the stern Aeneas his stand,
And held a branch of olive in his hand,
While thus he spoke: "The Phrygians' arms you see,
Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy
By Latian foes, with war unjustly made;
At first affianced, and at last betrayed.
This message bear: The Trojans and their chief
Bring holy peace, and beg the king's relief."

BY: The Roman poet Virgil (70-10 BCE)

p/s: i'm taking diz from Mr. Wiki