Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantasi indah rintik hujan

ilusi mula menapak laju
melewati ruang minda sepi
bias cahaya terang menutup mata hati
sekaligus menutup pintu fizikal ke ruang mati

fantasi optik meliar ke layar cahaya perak
imej gadis cantik mula terawang di ruang mega minda optik maya
graviti mula menidakkan tarikan bumi
aku terawang diangkat fantasi gadis seksi
gemalai liuk tubuh mengangkat tongkat adam ke ruang paling dalam

mata semakin layu melayan fantasi bangsat di depan layar
sedikit tenang.....
pandangan mata hati mula gelap
reaksi metafizik makin malap
refleksi mula setuju dengan hukum alam

OI!!!! jangan tido la palat!!!!! STUDY!!!!!!
shilanat ngantuk sial......

Sunday, April 25, 2010


J ustice is the antidote for vengeance,
U ndoing the malignancy of pain.
S ymmetry is ever its ideal,
T he order of the reason in the real,
I n point of fact not easy to attain.
C ool heads and burning hearts must shape a semblance
E qual to the honor of the slain.



G -oodbye to all that silly talk
O -f shared reward and pain,
O -f corporate community
D -erived from common gain.
B -ye-bye to home away from home:
Y -ou are, as always, on your own,
E -yes open once again.......


Ah, the temptation
When one can print money
To print it and print it --
As much as one needs!

Ah, for one moment
The outlook is sunny:
Wealth is restored!
The project succeeds!

People are working,
Beginning to spend;
Credit is flowing,
The market is pleased;

Banks once again
Have money to lend;
One has a sense
That the moment was seized.

The problem is nothing
Can never be something:
Money just printed
Was not bought or sold.

There was no exchange
Of one thing for one thing:
Something produced,
Like laughter or gold.

And so we've increased
Our money without
Increasing the value
Of what it can buy.

The outcome must be
Without any doubt,
According to laws
Of demand and supply.

When there is more money
In relation to things,
Prices will rise
In response to demand.

Since just-printed wealth
No exchange for goods brings,
The goods stay the same
As the dollars expand.

Prices rise quickly,
Leaving us nothing
More than we had
When we first began.

And so we learn nothing
Can never be something
The hard way -- again --
As we sink in the sand.

ilusi minda optik

Ilusi minda optik
ajrkan aku fizik
ajarkan mereka sivik
taman terapeutik
gelak tawa plastik
mereka bukan fasik
engkau bukan klasik....

Sunday, April 11, 2010


In the following pictures, you can see some people having a very strong EXPRESSION.

They seem to be in a very private, personal moment!!!

Can you identify the expression "what it’s all about'?

If you are unable to id this expression, the answer is below.

They are ready to sneeze!!!!!!
But To tell you the truth, I like the way you are thinking........=)