Wednesday, July 14, 2010


those who seek protection and guidance by contacting various forces on the subtle planes of existence, thereby turning the face of their being away from the source of being, are weaving spider webs of etheric energy and attempting to take refuge there. the floating abode of the spiders is the most vulnerable of dwelling places. those who rely for strength on the gossamer web of relatives structures and experience should be meditate on its insubstantiality. Allah most High knows instantly when any being places the slightest spiritual reliance of any limited power or conception, for Allah is boundless and encompassing Awareness.

My beloved, the source of wisdom sends this living parables through you to illumine humanity, but no one can understand them profoundly who has not receive the divine gift of mystical interpretation.

The full spectrum of heavenly and earthly realms radiates from the source of truth as the pure and harmonious expression of Truth. Therefore every being and every event present subtle teachings to those who are turn consciously toward their own TRUE SOURCE.

-- meditation on Holy Koran( 29:41-44) --

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